E-cigarettes are a relatively new invention but are quickly increasing in popularity! Which is great for both nonsmokers and smokers! Since they are permitted in places that regular cigarettes are not, smokers no longer have to choose between sitting down at a delicious restaurant and fast food. Not to mention, there are no odors or secondhand smoke, so nonsmokers have nothing to fear from their smoking counterparts!


Things You Probably Did Not Know


Although we are all pretty familiar with the basics (it provides nicotine, can be recharged, no secondhand smoke, etc.) there are a few things that you probably did not know about e-cigarettes:


1. Nothing burning


You probably already knew that your e-cigarette produced water vapor or no smoke but what you did not know is the fact that nothing is actually burning inside your device. That is why you see a puff of vapor or no smoke at all.


2. Safety

A customer uses a device called 'supersmoker'

Little is known about their safety. There has not been extensive studies done on the effects of inhaling pure nicotine so the FDA is not actually sure how safe the devices are.


3. Nicotine amounts vary


The amount of nicotine present in your e-cigarette depends on its liquid-nicotine cartridge. Smaller cartridges mean smaller amounts of nicotine!


4. Made in China


The very first e-cigarette was made in China by a company called Ruyan.


5. Countries that manufacture e-cigs


E-cigarettes are available in Europe, China, the United States, and many other countries around the world. For those of us who would rather do our shopping in our pajamas, e-cigarettes can easily be purchased online.


6. Minors


Although manufacturers are careful not to market the product towards children, the fact that they are available online can pose some problems. You do not necessarily need to be 18 years of age to purchase the device online!


7. Maintenance


Maintenance is required to keep your device running properly. Just like anything electronic, you must care for the parts and replace the battery from time to time.


8. No FDA regulations


They are not FDA regulated yet though they are in the process of labeling it a drug-delivery device that way regulations can be established.


9. Smoking permitted


Many places that feature no smoking signs will allow you to use your e-cigarette! Of course, you should always ask before pulling it out to take a few puffs.


10. Allergens


Although they do not produce secondhand smoke, some people may have slight allergic reactions to the vapors. Those with sensitive skin and severe allergies may experience irritation to the vapors. Yikes!


11. Help you quit smoking


E-cigarettes can help wean you off of nicotine completely over time. Everybody always recommends gradually lowering the amount of nicotine you take in order to successfully quit and e-cigs can definitely help you with this! A lot of people who use these devices report that they smoke significantly less than they did when compared to standard cigarettes.


12. Advertising/marketing


E-cigarette advertising is completely permitted! So many commercials get pulled off the air that advocate smoking, but these devices have free range!


13. More flavors than Baskin Robbins


E-cigs are available in a wide variety of flavors, which you can buy on  sites like JusteJuice.com for example; so no more dealing with an “ashy” taste in your mouth.


14. No tobacco


They do not contain tobacco. Instead, they contain strictly nicotine. This means you can get your craving fix easier and without the harmful effects of tobacco.


15. No excise taxes

No Tax

You will not be paying excise taxes on your device! We pay enough money to the government each year so cutting corners where we can definitely makes us happy!

Anybody who has worked an hour in the service industry can probably vouch for how terrible customers can be. Regardless of whether you are waiting tables, answering the phone to confirm reservations, or designing websites for clients, you have probably wanted to strangle some of the customers. Some people are naturally picky and nothing you do is good enough, others are just rude and think it is your job to bend over backwards for them, and some have absolutely no idea what they want but expect you to know.

So whether you are dealing with the rude, arrogant, stupid, useless, lazy, or all of the above, remember to count to ten. Although most clients may not realize that they are aggravating you to the point of near murder, there are some that assume that if they keep pushing the envelope they will get rewarded for their bad behavior. After all, they ate all of their food and complained to the manager about it tasting awful and they got their meal compted; who knows what else they could score for free?


web-designer_c_225443 (1)

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Worst

Although most of the clients that web designers deal with will aggravate them in some shape or form, there are actually a few that really take the cake. Here are the ten types of customers that really get under the skin of web designers:


1. Cheap

We are all looking to save a couple bucks here and there, but the outrageously cheap are annoying. They want a lot of work done for a little, and will badger the designer to death over the smallest things.

2. Complainers

No matter what the designer does, this client will always complain. Typically, the web designer will lose out on a lot of valuable time and revenue because they having to constantly revamp the last design.

How to deal with Rude Customers in your Business

3. Rude

The moment you start designing something for them, the fight begins. These are the people that are constantly cussing you out over the phone and via email and typically expect you to do the work for free since it’s YOUR (major sarcasm) fault that they are angry in the first place.

4. Clueless

Although these clients cannot help it for the most part, they are frustrating to deal with. They have no idea what they want and typically do not understand the lingo either and want everything “dumbed” down.

5. Lazy

Yes, you can definitely have lazy clients! These are the ones that expect you to take full control over the web design while offering little contribution. They may also turn into complainers once the job is done, or delay payment.


6. Inattentive

These clients will contract you for the work, but will be unresponsive or offer delayed feedback. This means that what should only take a couple of hours to complete will take days since you are waiting to hear from the client as to whether or not it meets their standards.

7. Arrogant

Although they coincide with the rude clients and tend to be just as aggressive, these people will often talk down to you or criticize the work you do for them.

8. “Professionals”

These clients claim to know-it-all about the web design field but in all honesty, they have no experience whatsoever. The lack of experience, however, will not deter them from pointing out every “mistake” you make.


9. Forgetful

Forgetful clients are the ones who will allow you to do all the work and once they receive it, they will add something like “oh, I forgot to mention that I actually need it done in these specific colors and formatting. You don’t mind redoing it do you?”

10. “I like it, but…”

These clients are the ones that have you redoing the design over and over, wasting valuable time until it’s “perfect”. More often than not, they do not know what they want.

If you’re travelling to Southeast Asia, then you should try these foods that will surely make you want to come back to this part of the world. It is said that Asian food is more flavorful with the many herbs and spices that give zest to each dish.

Pad Thai

pad thai

My personal favorite. This famous flat rice dish from Thailand is enjoyed around the world. It consists of shrimp or meat and stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, Thai condiments and spices. Some recipes include peanuts for added crunch so you can munch away to a healthy you.

Chinese Hot Pot


This type of cooking is done right on your table. Various vegetables and meat are thrown into a bowl of boiling water and seasoned with Hoisin and other sauces. Now that’s a classic soup out to keep you stay awake.

Dim Sum


Another well-known Chinese specialty, these are steamed bite-sized portions of food. You can choose from pork, chicken, beef, prawns or veggies for a healthier dish. Dim sum is best to eat to keep you fit.

Nasi Goreng


Yhe national dish from Indonesia, this is made of stir fried rice with garlic, shallot and chili cooked in margarine. It is usually served with fried egg and crispy shrimp cracker to complement its spicy taste and keep you coming back for more.



A Vietnamese style of soup prepared from bones and meat broth. Rice noodles along with your choice of prawns or meat are tossed to simmer with the the broth. Onion, ginger, cilantro and cinnamon are added to make you and the flavor come alive; just be easy on the spices though. You wouldn’t want to go back and forth to the bathroom, clog the pipes, which will require you to call for a plumber, would you?



A Japanese delight, usually raw fish preserved in vinegar. It can also be categorized to sushi rolls, sashimi or nigiri. Best served with wasabi and soy sauce to keep you on your toes.



Korea’s national dish is made with a variety of vegetables seasoned with spices. Usually served as a side dish, this spicy and sour mixture will tickle your taste buds.



Considered as the Philippines’ unofficial national dish, it is done by marinating pork or chicken in soy sauce, vinegar and lots of garlic. Browned in oil and then simmered in the marinate itself. You can even mix pork and chicken for a variety of cuts. Or add chicken liver for a livelier taste.

I am not going to give you a review of the Top 10 Movie of the Year. This is based on my personal favorites as I, just like you, loves to watch movies. Movies that have made me laugh, cry, shout, jump and made my heart race; movies that made me smile as somehow, it relates to some episodes of my life; movies that touched my life in some way; and movies that taught me a lesson and stuck in my mind and heart. Be it romantic comedy, action, suspense or cartoons; yes, you heard it right because there’s a kid in all of us.




This movie has it all: action, romance, suspense, comedy and a little drama. Bruce Willis at his heroic best (other than being Officer John McClane of Die Hard fame). A bunch of drillers recruited by NASA to drill on a gigantic asteroid about to hit the earth, put a warhead and pray that it divides into 2 and miss the earth. Everytime I see Harry (Willis) say goodbye to his daughter Grace (Tyler), it makes me cry. And yes, they did save the earth and had a happy ending; for Grace and AJ (Affleck), at least.


Con Air


An action-packed movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack with John Malkovich as the villain (he’s so good at being one). A group of convicts hijack a plane taking them to a maximum security prison. They are joined by Poe (Cage) who partners with Larkin (Cusack) to stop the convicts from taking the plane. Lots of action especially on the last part of the movie. I like the ending wherein Poe gets reunited with his wife and daughter whom he hasn’t met yet.


Maid in Manhattan


I am a romantic at heart so this movie is in my list. This is the story of Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez), a maid in a hotel and was mistaken for a socialite by politician Chris Marshall (Fiennes) who gets intrigued by her and eventually, falls for her. Doing maid services in a hotel didn’t stop her from aspiring of becoming a manager. She showed how tough it is to work hard for her son and be tough when it comes to matters of the heart. It also shows a mother’s love for his son and how she fights for her dream. With scenes that are hilarious and of course, scenes that will make you fall in love all over again.

So it’s time for you to pick a major for your college education. But it’s not such an easy task as you have imagined, is it? Standing on the crossroads, you start wondering – what is it about business that makes it such a common choice? There are lots of reasons for majoring in business, and we’ll take a look at them below.

So why business?


Demand is High


You’re doing all of this to be able to get a job, right? A business major opens a lot of doors, and presents lots of entry-level job opportunities.


It’s Practical


It’s a practical major (unlike Philosophy for example). It’s typical for companies to rely on business principles, no matter what their particular field is. As a business major, you’ll know how to plan, organize and manage, and that’s important to nearly every company.


Tons of Options


Plenty of options for specializing. If you think you’re done choosing after you’ve chosen your major, guess again. You’re going to have to pick what exact field you’d like to specialize in. The good news is that for business, there are plenty of things to pick from – accounting, marketing, HR, finance or management. If you’re not sure which field you’d want to go into, you’ll have plenty of time to figure it out.


Money Talks


The money’s good. Yes, this is a valid reason! Regardless of which industry you’re in, the average salary is likely to be promising, especially for a young specialist. In time, you’ll be able to earn even more with your business major.


Be a Leader


You’ll be able to lead. Being on top of a whole team or company is a tricky task. However, your business major will have you prepared for that, and what might be difficult for others won’t be that hard for you. You’ll have the chance to be a positive impact not only to yourself, but to others as well.


Working For a Good Cause? Why Not?!


You can choose to work for a non-profit. An astonishing amount of people seem to think that non-profit organizations have no need for business majors. This is definitely not the case, since managing a non-profit can sometimes be harder than managing a regular business. Your major will allow you to work for a just cause, while still earning your salary.


Trained To Be an Entrepreneur


You’ll have what it takes to one day become a successful entrepreneur. Even people with great ideas have failed due to lack of knowledge about how a business should function. But having majored in business, you’ll be aware of the mechanics of owning and running your own company.

Who doesn’t like eggs? Besides being a great source of iodine, protein and other essential vitamins, eggs can be paired with almost anything. There are thousands of food recipes out there that have eggs in their main ingredients. We have listed 15 of the very best of these recipes below. Enjoy!


1. Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Skillet


Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Skillet

Want a quick egg-based dinner? This could be it. With diced Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and a few eggs, you can cook this healthy treat in just under an hour.


2. Squid Ink Pasta with Crab and Hot Chili


Squid Ink Pasta with Crab and Hot Chilli

Eggs, squid, crabs and chili in the same plate? What’s not to love in this? You’ll love this even more if you’re a seafood enthusiast.


3. Eggs Poached on Olive Oil with Avocado and Braised Kale Toast


Eggs Poached on Olive Oil with Avocado and Braised Kale Toast

This is the very definition of an inspired breakfast. Takes a bit of time to prepare but it’s so worth it.


4. Easy Broccoli Quiche


Easy Broccoli Quiche

This is a nice treat for vegetarians. Combining eggs, broccoli, butter, milk, cheese, and pie crust, it’s a healthy and fulfilling treat indeed.


5. Chorizo and Egg


Chorizo and Eggs

Unless you are Mexican or of Mexican descent, you’ve probably never heard of a Chorizo. Now’s your chance to bite into this tasty sausage cooked with eggs.


6. Kefta. Tomato, and Egg Tagine


Kefta. Tomato, and Egg Tagin

This is an exotic dish from the far-off nation of Morocco. With a cooking time of under two hours, this makes for a good brunch.


7. Scrambled Mini Pizzas


Scrambled Mini Pizzas

Great things arrive in small packages. Using eggs, cheese, milk and chopped onions, you can prepare these tasty treats in under 30 minutes.


8. Apple Raisin French Toast Strata


Apple Raisin French Toast Strata

Now’s your chance to use that bottle of maple syrup idling in your kitchen cupboard. This makes a sweet and fulfilling breakfast.


9. Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict


If you know how to cook bacon, poach eggs and toast English muffins, it would be a sin if you don’t try out this one.


10. Lettuce Cups with Hard Boiled Eggs, Spiced Corn and Danish Feta


Lettuce Cups with Hard Boiled Eggs, Spiced Corn and Danish Feta

Another easy-to-prepare treat for health-conscious folks especially vegetarians.


11. Pineapple Orange Frozen Custard Ice Cream


Pineapple Orange Frozen Custard Ice Cream

A delicious dessert, this version of a frozen custard will whet your appetite for something sweet.


12. Pea Tortilla with Mint and Yogurt


Pea Tortilla with Mint and Yogurt

Go Spanish with this version of a tortilla which comes with the added ingredients of sweet peas, fresh mint and yogurt.


13. Chile Relleno Casserole


Chile Relleno Casserole

This one’s rather confusing if not difficult to prepare but you’ll forget about these once the rellenos are taken out of the oven.


14. Muffin Frittatas


Muffin Frittatas

Whether you are in need of a quick breakfast, an appetizer or just a snack, these tasteful frittatas are exactly what you need.


15. Egg Korma Curry


Egg Korma Curry

If you’re looking for an egg curry that’s full of spices, nutty richness and aroma, you’ll get it with this fragrant egg korma.

Do you create and share awesome video clips with your friends using Twitter’s Vine app? It is great if your answer is Yes since I too use this app extensively and love the short looping videos. Vine videos are the best way to share mini videos to friends and I appreciate Twitter’s efforts since Twitter provided us such a great tool for free.

I would like to share 10 interesting facts about the Vine app.


Vine.com was taken by Amazon



Vine.co is the official site of the Vine app and so you can download this free video publishing app from its official website. You might wonder why it is not Vine.com! Well…the Vine.com domain name is already taken by Amazon. So, when Twitter searched for a suitable domain name for its Vine app, it could not take the Vine.com as it was unavailable.


Vine.com would cost way too much


Vine Costs Too Much

Although Twitter approached Amazon for the Vine.com domain name but since the cost was too high, so Twitter chose Vine.co instead of purchasing the Vine.com. However, Amazon got benefited since the curious people visited the Vine.com( by mistake) and traffic to the Vine.com skyrocketed in the month of January 2013.


@vine was not available!


Vine Not Available

The Twitter account for Vine app is @vineapp since @vine was also not available. The Vine owners also run a site VineApp.com which does nothing but only redirects the visitors to the official site of Vine app – Vine.co.


The logo = loops


Vine App

A connected V and I is the symbol used on the Vine app logo. It shows how a real Vine loops. It also shows how it wraps around a tree. If you notice the upside down view of a Vine logo, you would be surprised since it appears as 6 – so the time limit of a Vine video is 6 seconds.


Gigantic firms are starting to use Vine!


Big companies starting to use Vine

Now big firms have started to utilize the Vine tool to advertise their products and services. Since a Vine video loops, so they are perfect to show users the contents they want to see again and again.


1 Million users in 3 months!


Vine reaches one million users

Vine took just 3 months to reach one million users. Neomobile claims that in the month of April 2013, Vine app was the most downloaded app ( from the Apple App Store) in the United States.


Top 5 in iOS and Android ‘Free App’ Charts


Vine top free apps

Vine has secured the number 4 positions of the top 5 positions of both the iOS and Android devices’ top ‘free app’ charts.


At the top of the world


Vine For Android

Vine app is getting more popular day by day. Since the launch of Android version of Vine app in June 2013, usage has now touched the tipping point.


The latest number is 40 million users!


vine reaches 40 million users

Vine App has now reached 40 million users! Vine app was launched in the January month of current year( 2013). It has been just seven months since the Vine app was launched but the application has reached millions of users. Recently vine app community tweeted that this video sharing app has now reached a whopping 40 million users. This is really interesting! Such a big achievement in just 7 months! That too when the app has faced a tough competition from the Instagram’s video sharing app. Despite new features of the Instragam video app, Vine App has not lost its users and it seems to be going steady and strong.


Version 1.3.2 solved a few major issues


vine 1.3.2

The latest version of Vine ( version 1.3.2) solved several Vine app technical issues. So the Vine app is now more capable and improved. Now the recordings would not drop when you close the Vine app during the video capture process. All photo albums on your device are now accessible when you select a profile photo. Now, the account list on Find Friends is sorted to the followed accounts first. The comment field would not expand unnecessarily when you type a long comment. In addition, the comment screen would not scroll erratically when you load the old comments. The account and hashtag feature is now improved.

As we surf around Instagram, we’ll meet a couple of users. Here are the 10 types of users that will either make you smile or frown.


The Diet Freakazoids

The Diet Freakazoid

You look great, I’ll give you that

We all know that there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy food. But if you regularly see photos of raw salmon and salads on your time line, you will feel a little guilty about all the scrumptious junk you’re divulging the past few days. It feels like, these people are telling, “I have a healthier lifestyle than you”.


The Super Hot Vixen

I want boys to like me for my personality. Sure....

I want boys to like me for my personality. Sure….

Definition: Huge Tits, firm ass and over 10k followers. The only reason users (mostly male) follow this chick is because they’re hoping that one day, they will see “more”. Nothing brightens up a gloomy day like seeing a super hot vixen flaunting on Instagram.


Your Richie Rich Wannabes

Biggest douchebag of all

Biggest douchebag of all

They love to show off their so-called wealth, with a very endearing caption. It’s almost like the lifestyle section on Instagram where these folks will keep you updated as they do their ridiculous pose along with their possessions.


The “I Love Myself” Type

I'm so in love with......me

I’m so in love with……me

Oftentimes, semi nude bathroom selfies. Either a guy showing his 6 packs, without his face or photo collages of the same girl in various poses. The endless portrait of their face with the exact make up, doing the same facial expression but in different background colors!


Selfies with Irrelevant Captions

Sthappp, just sthapppp

Sthappp, just sthapppp

Just for the sake of having a caption, they will write quotes that doesn’t even relate to the photo. For Pete’s sake, vanity doesn’t mean looking ridiculous with unnecessary captions


The Aspiring Clown

As long as they were not taken off of reddit

As long as they were not taken off of reddit

He’s fun, social and comical. This user will always find his way to carry out humor in your everyday Instagram journey. He’s motto in life is to brighten up everyone’s day using hilarious photos.


Cyber Hooker

Not gonna show any pic

Not gonna show any pic

Self pledged nymphos and party animals. They are proud of it and will post every revealing photos without shame. In fact, they love the attention they garner every time they update their wall of shame. If you’re intrigued on how many guys she slept with, you should follow her and you’ll most likely see every photo of that guy, together with their sultry poses.


TMI Agents (Too Much Information)



I don’t know why there are users who share EVERYTHING. Whether it’s a close-up of the blisters they got from trekking, a photo of someone getting a root canal, a giant cockroach stomped to death or a new-born baby still covered with blood and placenta. I am hoping that one day, these users will realize that the photos they are posting are not even appealing, hence, disgusting.


Travel Gurus

Either taken from Google or reddit

Either taken from Google or reddit

You follow this person because you believe he has a lavish lifestyle, updating his/her Instagram with his travels around the globe. Have you ever thought, that maybe these pictures were grabbed from Google and he is just trying to pull his followers’ legs? Be skeptic next time you see those breath-taking scenes.


I Love To Flood With Quotes

OMG, you're so inspirational....not

OMG, you’re so inspirational….not

They love to flood your feeds with quotes that are attributed incorrectly, linking it to the wrong person. Worse of all, if you argue with them, they will tell you “It’s the quote of the content that matters and not who said it”. They make me sigh every time.

Seeing the tag line “Based on a True Story” attached to a movie is often off-putting to a lot of movie fans. Well, you can’t blame them because let’s face it, Hollywood is rather prolific in coming up with crappy movies that were supposed to be based on REAL events. However, let’s give Hollywood a pat in the back for once in a while they do create a GREAT film that gives due credit to the real people and true stories from which it was based. These films include the following:


Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan

Some consider this movie as the greatest war film ever made. The invasion of Normandy was among the highlights of the Second World War and director Steven Spielberg captured all of it’s violence and drama in this epic film. Also, the central story in the movie about a platoon’s search for a particular soldier is not entirely fictional. It was inspired by the real account of eight siblings who died during the Civil War.




This masterpiece by Martin Scorsese is there at the top in the pantheon of mob films. Goodfellas was inspired by the story of Henry Hill, a former associate of the Lucchese mob family. Scorsese decided to put the story on film after reading the book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi.



The Insider

The Insider

Honestly, the true story from which this film was based was rather boring. But under the direction of Michael Mann and amazing acting from the cast (Russell Crowe, Al Pacino), The Insider turned out to be a cinematic gem and catapulted Crowe up the Hollywood rankings.


Erin Brokovich

Erin Brokovich

Based on the story of a legal clerk who brought justice to a small town whose residents were being poisoned through their drinking water source, Erin Brokovich made a splash in 2000 when it won Julia Roberts an Oscar for Best Actress.


Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda

This is the heart-wrenching story of Paul Rusesabagina who risked his life and that of his family’s by sheltering refugees in the hotel he managed during the infamous Rwandan Genocide of 1994.


Into The Wild

Into The Wild

In this film, Sean Penn stepped behind the camera to recreate the tragic life of Christopher McCandless, a twenty-something traveler who donated all of his life savings to charity then went hitchhiking into the wilds of Alaska. The adventurer was found dead and frozen in an abandoned bus.


United 93

United 93

Paul Greengrass based this gritty drama which chronicles the events inside United Flight 93, one of the the hijacked planes on September 11 which crashed on a field Pennsylvania, killing all 44 people aboard including the four al-Qaeda terrorists who hijacked it.


127 Hours

127 Hours

This film accomplished something by holding the attention of moviegoers despite the single character being immobile in the film’s entire running time of 94 minutes. 127 Hours was based on the story of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who got trapped in a canyon after being pinned by a large boulder.


The Fighter

The Fighter

Directed by David O. Russell, The Fighter revolves around the lives of professional boxer Mickey Ward and his drug-addicted brother Dicky Eklund. The brothers were portrayed by Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.




This dark biographical film chronicles the events during Truman Capote’s attempt to write a book about the gruesome murder of a family in Kansas. The book titled In Cold Blood was published in 1966, seven years after the brutal murders.


You’ll see them in different colors, sizes, and shapes. You’ll hear them in different tones, volume, and languages. You’ll see them carrying loads of objects and hordes of people. You’ll feel them fidgeting, pushing, and moving. You’ll love some of them but you’ll hate most of them.  If you happen to be among those in the list, then its about time you’ve taken notice.


The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Move out of my WAY!!!

Move out of my WAY!!!

As soon as the doors open, you’ll see him charge shoving aside everyone that gets in his way. In reverse, you’ll suddenly spot him – fuming nostrils and all – knocking everyone back to where they started as he tries to get out of the train.


The Great Vine

The pole is all mine

The pole is all mine

You’re desperately trying to grab on to something; you see the pole clearly and make every effort to reach for it; but you just can’t grab it. For some reason, a human vine managed to anchor itself in the pole so perfectly that no one can grab it whole.


The Space Lover

My bag is more important than you

My bag is more important than you

You’re happy because the train is full of space until you discovered that only one seat is available. Unfortunately, that seat is already taken not by a person but by a bag with an owner who doesn’t seem to mind if you’re the only passenger standing.


The Walking Telephone

10min with these people, you'll know their life story

10min with these people, you’ll know their life story

You just can’t take it anymore; the streets are so noisy and you hoped to get a temporary break by riding a train home. But alas, someone has been screaming over the phone all throughout the ride, and the topic: how hot Tom Hardy is.


The Mean Machine

Excuse me miss

Excuse me miss

Bikes are created to make commuting an easier experience for commuters – all the way; but not so as you suddenly feel a strong thud between your behinds only to find out that it’s being used as a bicycle rack.


Dr. Octopus

Opps...My bad....

Opps…My bad….

You feel something in the most unlikely parts of your body only to find out that someone found it very convenient to get his hands on human surfaces under tight conditions. Yes, its Dr. Ock Strikes Again.


The Untouchables

Bitch please

B**ch please

Even before they set foot on the train, you know who they are based on the way they’re dressed: they don’t want creases on their clothes. So they stand there giving stern looks to anyone who accidentally lays hands on them.


The Sleepyheads



You can’t imagine yourself dozing off while standing on a cramped train. But some people manage to do that, and they make it more creative by slowly leaning onto your shoulders to make you both a more romantic spectacle.


The Reader

As long as it's not 50 Shades of Grey

As long as it’s not Twilight saga

They pay you absolutely no attention and are content at moving in their own worlds. With headsets tucked in their ears, you begin to realize the gap between the sensitive passenger and the borderline carefree passenger.


The Perfect Gentleman

Like a sir...

Like a sir…

The seats are all taken and you’re just too exhausted from carrying a lot of load. Suddenly, someone taps you on the shoulder to offer the only seat available [insert emoticon here].
The Intoxicated, The Gibberish, The Haters, The Inconsiderate Lovers, and The Flirts. Name all those not included in this list and you’ll get a better picture of a day when everyone’s rushing to and from work. Some people you’ll like while some you’ll loathe. But the greater question is: which type are you?