10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Vine

Do you create and share awesome video clips with your friends using Twitter’s Vine app? It is great if your answer is Yes since I too use this app extensively and love the short looping videos. Vine videos are the best way to share mini videos to friends and I appreciate Twitter’s efforts since Twitter provided us such a great tool for free.

I would like to share 10 interesting facts about the Vine app.


Vine.com was taken by Amazon



Vine.co is the official site of the Vine app and so you can download this free video publishing app from its official website. You might wonder why it is not Vine.com! Well…the Vine.com domain name is already taken by Amazon. So, when Twitter searched for a suitable domain name for its Vine app, it could not take the Vine.com as it was unavailable.


Vine.com would cost way too much


Vine Costs Too Much

Although Twitter approached Amazon for the Vine.com domain name but since the cost was too high, so Twitter chose Vine.co instead of purchasing the Vine.com. However, Amazon got benefited since the curious people visited the Vine.com( by mistake) and traffic to the Vine.com skyrocketed in the month of January 2013.


@vine was not available!


Vine Not Available

The Twitter account for Vine app is @vineapp since @vine was also not available. The Vine owners also run a site VineApp.com which does nothing but only redirects the visitors to the official site of Vine app – Vine.co.


The logo = loops


Vine App

A connected V and I is the symbol used on the Vine app logo. It shows how a real Vine loops. It also shows how it wraps around a tree. If you notice the upside down view of a Vine logo, you would be surprised since it appears as 6 – so the time limit of a Vine video is 6 seconds.


Gigantic firms are starting to use Vine!


Big companies starting to use Vine

Now big firms have started to utilize the Vine tool to advertise their products and services. Since a Vine video loops, so they are perfect to show users the contents they want to see again and again.


1 Million users in 3 months!


Vine reaches one million users

Vine took just 3 months to reach one million users. Neomobile claims that in the month of April 2013, Vine app was the most downloaded app ( from the Apple App Store) in the United States.


Top 5 in iOS and Android ‘Free App’ Charts


Vine top free apps

Vine has secured the number 4 positions of the top 5 positions of both the iOS and Android devices’ top ‘free app’ charts.


At the top of the world


Vine For Android

Vine app is getting more popular day by day. Since the launch of Android version of Vine app in June 2013, usage has now touched the tipping point.


The latest number is 40 million users!


vine reaches 40 million users

Vine App has now reached 40 million users! Vine app was launched in the January month of current year( 2013). It has been just seven months since the Vine app was launched but the application has reached millions of users. Recently vine app community tweeted that this video sharing app has now reached a whopping 40 million users. This is really interesting! Such a big achievement in just 7 months! That too when the app has faced a tough competition from the Instagram’s video sharing app. Despite new features of the Instragam video app, Vine App has not lost its users and it seems to be going steady and strong.


Version 1.3.2 solved a few major issues


vine 1.3.2

The latest version of Vine ( version 1.3.2) solved several Vine app technical issues. So the Vine app is now more capable and improved. Now the recordings would not drop when you close the Vine app during the video capture process. All photo albums on your device are now accessible when you select a profile photo. Now, the account list on Find Friends is sorted to the followed accounts first. The comment field would not expand unnecessarily when you type a long comment. In addition, the comment screen would not scroll erratically when you load the old comments. The account and hashtag feature is now improved.